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Thousands of high-tech gadgets protruding from his outstretched fingertips and extending arms and legs. Inspector Gadget who has a body full of amazingly interesting tools but always solves every case whimsically. Brain, the incredibly intelligent puppy who helps him solve the case, and Penny, his adorable niece. Along with the hilarious Chief Quimby who always pops out of unexpected places and delivers secret orders.

This wonderful action figure which recreates Gadget and his amazing special abilities from the famous animation brings back the heroes of your childhood who linger in your memory. Inspector Gadget’s special abilities are expertly recreated with several interchangeable parts. The Blitzway Design & Development Team went through various attempts and trials and errors in the prototyping process, and each part has been painstakingly selected in a variety of materials for its purpose, which provides high play value. The Inspector Gadget Megahero Series Action Figure is a musy have for collectors. Measures about 6 7/10-inches tall.

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